110 Year Anniversary for Grandmaster Wu Ying Hua
Daughter of the Founder of Wu Style

Wu Ying Hua

Master Shi Mei Lin (Wu Yan Tang) Wu Style Tai Chi 3 Day Seminar
“This Seminar is to celebrate and remember with gratitude and respect the life and virtue of my mother Grandmaster Wu Ying Hua.”

Take time away from this busy society, to a peaceful surrouding and over the course of three days practise Tai Chi and discuss Dao, returning you to a centred, quiet and peaceful state of wellbeing.

Shi Mei Lin; Wu Ying Hua Tai Chi
Shi Mei Lin; Wu Ying Hua; Ma Yue Liang

Seminar Details:
Time: Saturday October 22 - Monday October 24th
The seminar will begin Saturday 9:00am and finish Monday afternoon. All meals will be provide over the course of the seminar (except Saturday morning and Monday evening). People may stay each night over the course of the seminar or return to their own homes each evening. If you are to stay you will need to bring your own toiletries, a towel, sleeping bag/blanket and a pillow.

Location: Dao Health Centre, 40 Woodland Road, Johnsonville.
(may change, depending on numbers)

Cost:TBA, This covers all expenses, food, teaching etc. A $100 deposit is to be paid when registering for the seminar. Food will be all vegetarian and catered for so please specify any specific food requirements. Registration should be completed by 28th of August 2016.

The Seminar may include teaching and demonstrations in Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Stretching, push hands, weapons, kung fu, talks on Dao and the heritage of Wu Style Tai Chi.

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